you win some, you lose some.

I had some pretty good intentions here: I’d been neglecting this thing, promising myself that someday I’d pick it back up. I decided one night to do just that, and after believing I’d backed up everything, well, you know what happens from here. I have lost the content of the last five years, and after being upset for a minute, I decided to go ahead and start over. It’s totally fine. Here are some gratuitous pictures of objects.

in April 3, 2012

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  • MdC April 11, 2012 at 1:52 pm

    I started following your blog a while ago (I think it may even have been 2/3 years ago, eek) and always went back to it, even when you hadn’t updated it in a while. I just enjoyed seeing how you out everything together, and gave me hope that someday I’d be able to put together my own awesome house, time and time again. Imagine my shock last time I checked and it had disappeared! I’m glad you’re back, and can’t wait to see all the great new stuff. It’s a shame that you lost the previous stuff, but isn’t there a saying about the past weighing us down, and whatnot? I’m already loving the clean white layout. Keep at it!

  • jessica April 11, 2012 at 3:58 pm

    thanks so much! I do have some of the posts from 2008 backed up, and I still have a few of the old photos, so I’ll probably be doing a li’l ‘Classic Edition’ post every now and then. But I will admit that when I realized I had nothing of the past few years, I definitely felt lighter. thanks for sticking around!

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