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You know what makes these great? Oilcloth. I mean, there’s real oilcloth, and then there’s the bright Mexican vinyl-coated fabric-like product known today as oilcloth, comme çi:

Real oilcloth is pretty much what it sounds like: fabric that’s been brushed on one side with linseed oil, which, if you do it right (let it dry thoroughly and don’t put too much on) will not spontaneously combust and will be sort of laminated like. You can make it, and it’s a hell of a lot more environmentally friendly than what I’m about to use here, but for my purposes, you can’t beat the not real thing.

I’m not the first person to suggest oilcloth or laminated cotton as a craft material; Martha has been doing it for years because the patterns are so darn cute. Oilcloth is basically a really pretty nonstick surface that makes it perfect to line a cat litter box, since most of us who have cats are girls that like pretty things.

I just stapled the liner all the way around and filled it up with litter (I’m testing out a biodegradable cellulose situation right now). It cleans easily – that’s kind of the point of its existence – and after a few weeks of normal cleaning, when its time has come I just rip it out and staple more down. At first, I also glued it to the bottom, which turned out to be unnecessary and annoying to replace. I also realized after a few months that the best way to keep the wood box clean was to just go ahead and take the lazy way out and staple it around the top in a completely haphazard fashion, which isn’t quite as pretty, but a lot easier to keep clean.

in April 14, 2012

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