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I decided to enter the Apartment Therapy Small Cool contest this year. It’s been sort of a goal of mine since I started following the blog in 2006, and this year seemed like a pretty good time since I’m trying to make myself feel good about where I live. Sure, there will be some haters who will think it’s too cluttered and some who will call me out on having too many Eames chairs. Y’all are totally right. That’s why I had a yard sale last weekend. But I know someone will leave a nice comment and I will feel good. The response to my 2007 Fall Colors contest entry was really positive and fun, so why not?

It’s also fun to see how my style has evolved, and how I’m using the old pieces in a new space. But I digress; the point of this is to size up the competition admire some of the other entries and take a look at some great small space ideas.

I really dig this open space. The windows are fantastic, and I actually love all the plants and stuff everywhere. Way to make a cold, raw space feel inviting.

And this is a really great idea for a small space desk:

Here’s a small cool tip: have amazing floors and a really cute dog.

Really dig this kitchen in a closet – and this photo looks like it’s from a 1970’s design mag.

I have no idea when my entry will be posted, but I’ll be sure to update here when it is.

Update: I did not make it in for some unknown reason, probably because I entered 20 minutes before the deadline. Sad face. But I might have an upcoming house tour somewhere else on the internets, so stay tuned.

in April 19, 2012

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