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35 square foot bathroom.

This is the topic of this weekend’s project. I think once I had all my other rooms the way I wanted them, I started thinking about moving. I thus never got around to designing/fancifying my bathroom, and now I want to get all nesty again. My inspiration:

I love this because I’m already 67% of the way there. I have fluffy orange towels, one of those accordion mirror things, a teal laundry basket, a white pedestal sink, and some black and white photography. I pretty much only need to paint the walls navy blue (I know this is black, but I have a gallon of dark navy I picked up from the oops pile at the paint store) and replace the towel bar and organize my open shelves. I also like this bath rug from (I know, I’m sorry) west elm:

Since Long Beach is having a 5th Sunday market this weekend, I’ll probably look for some hardware there, but if I really can’t find anything, there’s always Liz’s Antique Hardware on La Brea at 6th:

but I could probably expect to pay $150 for a towel bar, and I’m not sure I’m comfy with that.

Other possible notions include wainscoting or paneling, painting some kind of geometric pattern

or … wallpaper:

I know, I will probably still move in the next year. But I have always wanted a wallpapered room. How difficult is it to put up wainscoting?

in April 24, 2012

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