It’s cool to be nice.

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Working as an in-house designer has its advantages. Among these are good benefits, relative stability, and the opportunity to influence a brand over time. But sometimes it can feel a bit stifling, and you can lose touch with the outside world. So my friend Carly and I have started a little side project where we give ourselves assignments that have nothing to do with work and then execute them using whatever method and medium we want. The first challenge was a softball: create a wallpaper using one of your favorite sayings. Carly (who is basically the most adorable person I know) does this all the time; her tumblr is a series of photo/type/illustration bits she puts together. But I’m out of practice, so it was a bit more challenging for me. Anyway, here’s mine. It’s cool to be nice. Includes desktop, ipad, and iphone resolutions.

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Jessica Parker

I'm Jessica, and I really like old things. I believe that objects have memories, and histories, and part of the magic of using them in our everyday lives is knowing or imagining what those memories might be and imparting a bit of ourselves to each thing we wear or use. Here, I write about old things, and style, and people I never met.

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