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things I found and likedfeatured

at the Long Beach flea market this weekend:

A matching set of plaid Skyway luggage.

Also, brass:

I really, really wanted this, but I had to save my cash for my impending red carpet dress purchase:

Someone had a wonderful Chautauqua desk:

The Chautauqua Industrial Art Desk was made, as far as I can tell, by Lewis E. Meyers & Co. from the late 1800’s into the early 1900’s as a home schooling aid. With interchangeable scrolls on topics ranging from art to Christianity to, apparently, poster making, the desks were sold door to door and are now pretty rare. They featured a map on the outside of the lid:

and lots more scrolls:

I didn’t even ask what he wanted for the desk; these can go for hundreds of dollars without the base of the desk intact, and this was in what appeared to be completely unused condition. If you want one to restore, there are a couple for sale right now here, here, or nearly complete here.

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I'm Jessica, and I really like old things. I believe that objects have memories, and histories, and part of the magic of using them in our everyday lives is knowing or imagining what those memories might be and imparting a bit of ourselves to each thing we wear or use. Here, I write about old things, and style, and people I never met.

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