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tea-stained napkins

My honey and I are getting married in September. We’ve been doing a lot of planning and a lot of decision-making in the last 7 months, and it’s funny how every small detail can matter. There are so many details to consider – what booze to serve? what glasses to serve it in? what plates, linens, silver? And for someone as visually-oriented as I am, all these details not only matter, but I love caring about them. 

Our colors are (roughly) blue, gold, and brown. So the bright white napkins I collected from estate sales and ebay were a little too high-contrast with the navy blue tablecloths (yes, I think about this). I didn’t want to dye them and have it look kind of fake or forced, so I decided to stain them with black tea to get a subtle antique off-white. 

I have about a hundred of these napkins. Each pot can handle two, maybe three, and they take about ten minutes of soaking time to get a really solid stain. 

I’m about halfway through them. 

in April 22, 2014

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