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DIY wedding invitations

DIY wedding invitationsfeatured

I’ve been a graphic designer for about eight years now (ten if you count freelancing in law school), and about 2% of that time has been spent making things with actual paper. I’m fairly crafty and somewhat capable with my hands, but printing on paper is something at which I never really became adept. I Read more


The Searles Readersfeatured

One of the remarkable things I found this weekend (and I know it’s remarkable because I am currently remarking on it) was this set of watercolor and pen artwork: I am a sucker for any artwork that displays notes or registration marks, like this old Sascha Brastoff plate artwork: so I couldn’t resist buying these Read more

It’s cool to be nice.

It’s cool to be nice.featured

Working as an in-house designer has its advantages. Among these are good benefits, relative stability, and the opportunity to influence a brand over time. But sometimes it can feel a bit stifling, and you can lose touch with the outside world. So my friend Carly and I have started a little side project where we Read more


On the roadfeatured

I’m on a road trip, driving from the saturated air of the eastern midwest to the arid and rocky California desert. I love this drive, the way the earth kind of coddles you at first with lush rolling hills and gradually becomes violent, rocks suddenly jutting out of its surface. Originally the intent was to Read more