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tea-stained napkinsfeatured

My honey and I are getting married in September. We’ve been doing a lot of planning and a lot of decision-making in the last 7 months, and it’s funny how every small detail can matter. There are so many details to consider – what booze to serve? what glasses to serve it in? what plates, Read more


So you want to refinish a wood floorfeatured

I do have better pictures of this. But for now all I have available is what’s on my iPhone because we haven’t hooked up a computer yet. We haven’t hooked up a computer yet because the future office is full of boxes, cables, boxes, and other unidentifiable miscellany. We haven’t put this away yet because Read more


natural laboratory: test bathroomfeatured

Natural cleaners: they work. But what works best? I let my bathroom get super grimy and disgusting – all in the interest of science, of course – so I could spend the entire weekend testing a few non-toxic cleansers. Now, because we are all friends, and friends share things that are maybe a bit difficult Read more


replacing modern doorknobsfeatured

As a renter, there are three things that I try to replace immediately when I move into an apartment: the switch plate covers, the doorknobs, and the toilet seat. All three are super easy, and your local hardware store has pretty much everything you need. The toilet seat is self-explanatory, and the switch plate covers Read more


diy wood window boxesfeatured

If I’m going to write about something this week, it’s going to be renter’s improvements. There are a lot of great things about renting: if something breaks and it’s not your fault, you get it repaired for free (or you’re supposed to), you can move relatively quickly without waiting for a house to sell… actually, Read more


a painting primerfeatured

This weekend I gave my bathroom a little facelift. It was the only room in my apartment I hadn’t done anything with yet, and it was way overdue. Not only was it not pretty, but it wasn’t that functional. Things didn’t always have a place to be stored, towels ended up on the floor, et Read more


who needs a printer?featured

I was going to assemble yard sale signs by printing Futura Bold in red over old maps, but I couldn’t get my printer to work (alright fine, I just don’t understand where the paper goes, ok?). So I thought, what would be the next hipsteriest thing to that? I looked around my apartment. Screen printing? Read more


more diy cat junkfeatured

You know what makes these great? Oilcloth. I mean, there’s real oilcloth, and then there’s the bright Mexican vinyl-coated fabric-like product known today as oilcloth, comme ├ži: Real oilcloth is pretty much what it sounds like: fabric that’s been brushed on one side with linseed oil, which, if you do it right (let it dry Read more


diy cat thingsfeatured

I like cats. I like saving money. I also like making things. And while I really appreciate companies that are trying to make Dwell-worthy litter boxes and rustic salvaged wood scratching posts, sometimes the better solution is to make something cheap by hand. First, the scratching post: I took Okay fine, Jake took a simple Read more


plants aplentyfeatured

So, I have a small apartment, right? With no outdoor space, remember? From before? Okay. I am, however, blessed with a kitchen that gets a lot of light, and unsightly bars on my windows can support a flower box. So here are a few of the things I’ve been up to: Last weekend’s window box Read more