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replacing modern doorknobsfeatured

As a renter, there are three things that I try to replace immediately when I move into an apartment: the switch plate covers, the doorknobs, and the toilet seat. All three are super easy, and your local hardware store has pretty much everything you need. The toilet seat is self-explanatory, and the switch plate covers Read more


house tour!featured

Oh hey, what’s up? If you recall a few weeks ago, I mentioned that I might have a house tour on the internets sometime soon. I was right! Check it out here.


a painting primerfeatured

This weekend I gave my bathroom a little facelift. It was the only room in my apartment I hadn’t done anything with yet, and it was way overdue. Not only was it not pretty, but it wasn’t that functional. Things didn’t always have a place to be stored, towels ended up on the floor, et Read more


35 square foot bathroom.featured

This is the topic of this weekend’s project. I think once I had all my other rooms the way I wanted them, I started thinking about moving. I thus never got around to designing/fancifying my bathroom, and now I want to get all nesty again. My inspiration: I love this because I’m already 67% of Read more


small cool apartmentsfeatured

I decided to enter the Apartment Therapy Small Cool contest this year. It’s been sort of a goal of mine since I started following the blog in 2006, and this year seemed like a pretty good time since I’m trying to make myself feel good about where I live. Sure, there will be some haters Read more


so that’s it thenfeatured

As of today, April 17, I am officially suspending my campaign for Tenant of Echo Park. I fought a valiant campaign and had a lot of supporters, and I’ve learned a lot over the last four months. I would still be grateful for an old bungalow to take care of, but these are evidently hard Read more


just keep moving.featured

I’ve lived in LA for almost ten years, and in that time I’ve lived in seven apartments/houses. My twenties were pretty tumultuous: I changed careers, began and ended relationships, lost some of my closest family, got some dogs, and moved around a lot because of these things. Moving is difficult, but it’s also exciting, because Read more



Last weekend I did something I have never done before. It was a challenge, and I didn’t think too much about it or I wouldn’t have gone through with it. After years of experience with bold and interesting colors, I did the craziest thing I could think of. I painted my living room white. I Read more