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Wedding season: what to wear?

Every fall since I turned 30, I’ve noticed that September begins a string of nuptial celebrations that lasts until November.…

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1930s-40s Color Inspiration

Outfit of the day - May 15, 2015

I was recently alerted to this post from Emily’s Vintage Visions, with a super fun contest element: come up with…

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Claire McCardell

Outfit of the day - November 6, 2014

Today was rough. Well, let’s be real: the last many months have been rough for me. I’m stuck in a…

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It’s supposed to be 80 degrees this week.

Outfit of the day - November 4, 2014

But it’s so cold in the morning that I leave with coat, gloves and hat. Hat, Long Beach Flea Market…

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Can I just talk about this dress for a minute?

Outfit of the day - October 29, 2014

You guys. If you don’t follow me on instagram (and you should! it’s fun!), you missed the incredible awesomeness that…

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The juniors department

Outfit of the day - August 12, 2014

Yes, this is another post about a suit. I just really love suits, okay? Most of the time, if I…

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OOTD: More big pants

Outfit of the day - July 11, 2014

I guess it was sort of reproduction day around here. When I first started buying vintage clothes, a major motivation…

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Gym class

Outfit of the day - June 19, 2014

When I was in school in the 90s (and the 80s, for that matter), we had physical education classes. We…

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what I wore today: the biggest pants ever

Outfit of the day - June 18, 2014

Oh wow. I found these incredible 1940s rayon pants at an estate sale in Beverly Hills last week for $25.…

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Just a dress.

Outfit of the day - May 29, 2014

This dress was a total impulse buy on ebay a few weeks ago. I think the starting bid was something…

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