DIY wedding invitations

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I’ve been a graphic designer for about eight years now (ten if you count freelancing in law school), and about 2% of that time has been spent making things with actual paper. I’m fairly crafty and somewhat capable with my hands, but printing on paper is something at which I never really became adept. I Read more



There are several Lilli Ann suit jackets out there. There are fewer suits, and it’s pretty difficult to find a skirt to match an existing jacket. So when I found a matched set to replace a jacket I already had, I was thrilled. I’ve seen this jacket a number of times, both in black and Read more



As you may know, I’m obsessed with 1950s suits. So when a while back, at the Vintage Clothing & Textile Show in Burbank from seller crown chic, I found this crazy awesome suit jacket by Bellciano I could not pass it up, even though it had no matching skirt. The asymmetric closure and collar are so unusual, and Read more

Claire McCardell

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Today was rough. Well, let’s be real: the last many months have been rough for me. I’m stuck in a job that doesn’t want me and I feel professionally useless. But today I was told off in a humiliating way that I was surprisingly unprepared for, and I’m left feeling on one hand like I’m Read more


Getting married, vintage style (part II)featured

As promised, some clothing details from our recent wedding. I did two costume changes during the party, which could maybe have been dumb/crazy/excessive, but I was glad I did it. I actually changed back into my favorite dress at the end of the night because I was drunk and it was my favorite so there.  Read more


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A few times a year, there are vintage clothing shows in Los Angeles, where vendors from the city and surrounding regions (sometimes as far as Washington or Texas) sell clothing and accessories, generally spanning the entire 20th century. Even though I was financially challenged in the last year because I was saving for the wedding, Read more