Meet a designer: Ceil Chapman

Meet a designer: Ceil Chapmanfeatured

“After all,” says Ceil, “a woman is still a woman, so why not admit it?” If there’s one well-known name in mid-20th century evening wear, particularly in draping, it’s Ceil Chapman. She’s often been described as an engineer or architect of fabric, conforming it to a woman’s body to highlight not only its shape but to Read more

Meet a designer: Lee Herman

Meet a designer: Lee Hermanfeatured

Yes, it’s another California designer. What can I say? I live here. And California designers played such a huge role in fashion, especially sportswear, during and in the decades following World War II, and I love learning about how they helped shape global trends. Lee Herman is a pretty good example of that, actually. Though Read more

Meet a label: Sun Rose of California

Meet a label: Sun Rose of Californiafeatured

There were a lot of mid-priced sportswear companies out of California in the 1950s, making sun-ready fashions for pool, patio and suburban living. Sun Rose was one of those California sportswear companies. They incorporated in 1946, though this purchase order for JC Penney indicates they were producing their stylish separates as early as 1941. It Read more