Meet a designer: Madeline Mancini

Meet a designer: Madeline Mancinifeatured

It’s no secret that, apart from Ceil Chapman and Claire McCardell, I’m primarily obsessed with California designers of the 1940s and 50s. Today we’re going to talk about one of the lesser-known designers, but still fabulous in her own right: Madeline Mancini. Mancini designed for Phil Altbaum under the label Mancini of California. She was the Read more

Cleaning house

Cleaning housefeatured

Since I went back to full-time design work, I’ve found myself neglecting both this blog and my etsy shop. My husband has also largely recovered from his motorcycle accident back in November, which means that he wants the stock room–er, his workshop cleaned out so he can start working on welding projects again. It’s possible Read more

1930s-40s Color Inspiration

1930s-40s Color Inspirationfeatured

I was recently alerted to this post from Emily’s Vintage Visions, with a super fun contest element: come up with an outfit based on, or inspired by, some particular color suggestions in a 1939 fashion article in the Dallas Morning news. What a fabulous idea! I had a blast hunting for particular colors at the Read more


Samuel Winston v. Charles James Services, Inc.featured

(Just as a brief disclaimer, this post assumes some basic knowledge about Charles James. If you’re not familiar, this is an excellent primer. I’ll wait.) In 1954, Charles James, a brilliant and paranoid couturier (credited by Dior with inspiring his 1947 New Look) with a strong disdain for mass production entered into an agreement with Samuel Winston, who by Read more

Meet a designer(s?): Jackie Morgan

Meet a designer(s?): Jackie Morganfeatured

When I first saw this Jackie Morgan label, I pictured some perky blonde woman with a beehive or a flip and big dangly earrings. Turns out, this maybe isn’t the most accurate mental image of Jackie Morgan, though it’s difficult to tell from this photo: Right. Is he wearing sunglasses? It seems that Morgan’s active Read more

Meet a designer: Dorothy Korby

Meet a designer: Dorothy Korbyfeatured

I think that vintage blouses are underrated. People often want dresses, and suits, but there are some wonderful separates that still exist from the 1940s and 50s, and adding them to your wardrobe can extend it quite a bit. One of the biggest names in blousery (not a real word, btw) was Dorothy Korby. She Read more

Storing vintage clothing

Storing vintage clothingfeatured

This past weekend I decided it was spring enough to pack up my winter woolens and bring out my summer silks and cottons. Storing vintage clothing is only slightly more complicated than storing new textiles; instead of just shoving it in a closet or box like I might otherwise do, I take the extra step Read more