About me.

I believe that age has beauty, and I value giving new life to old things that some might find dirty, tacky, worn out, or unfashionable. I love finding new uses for these things in a way that fits a (sort of) modern lifestyle and a (sort of) modest budget. I’m also a graphic designer for hire – see my portfolio here.

The House

My husband and I recently bought a 1920’s house (which I guess in some parts of the country is not old at all, but here in LA it’s practically ancient) that we’re slowly restoring. We love the quirks of old houses, if not always the choices made by former owners (who fills in a picture rail?), so we’re embracing the weird and getting on our hands and knees to bring the house out of its 80’s time warp.

The Fashion

A few years ago I was shopping for clothes in a present-day chain store (whose name rhymes with hey you) and I tried on a pencil skirt, frustrated to find that it fit in the hips but was way too large in the waist. I realized the same was true for jeans, and I thought, “f**k tailoring. Why would I pay to have something altered when the thing is going to look dated in two years anyway?” and I somehow began to realize that if I dressed like I was living in the 1950s, I’d have clothes that fit and would look just as dated in two years as they do now. And an obsession was born. At this point, I buy and sell only vintage clothes, mostly on etsy and ebay. I don’t buy to sell (yet), I just accept the risk of nonreturnability on vintage clothes and sometimes it doesn’t work out.

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