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One more photo post: The Vintage Fashion Expo

I LOVE going to the vintage fashion expo twice a year. Usually I have much bigger budget than I did this year, but it’s still fun to go, to see all the vintage enthusiasts in their finery (and let’s face it, fangirl a little when you’re a foot away from Dita) and try on things you can’t possibly afford. Here are some of the highlights.


My lovely friend Christina owns Skirt Chaser Vintage, and her booth is always a must-stop for me.

I have coveted this hat and bag set of Christina’s for years.

From a perennial favorite, Blue Moon Vintage:


IMG_2280 IMG_2281 IMG_2285 IMG_2289 IMG_2291

From Dita Von Teese’s booth:


And from another favorite, Elsewhere Vintage:

IMG_2260 IMG_2261

I am always a sucker for suit jackets, and these from Blue Moon Vintage were really tempting.


This is a 1940s Lilli Ann jacket, and was too expensive for me to purchase at this show. I happened to find the same suit (with a skirt!) a few weeks later. Score!


I’m already looking forward to next spring’s expo.

in October 30, 2015

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