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Meet a Designer: Mildred Orrick

Labels & designers - March 10, 2017

Mildred Orrick was born Mildred Boykin in West Virigina in 1906. Her father Richard was a preacher, and the family…

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Meet a Designer: Dorothy O’Hara

Labels & designers - July 14, 2016

[Author’s note: I initially wrote this post in January 2015, but I lost a lot of images when I switched…

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Meet a designer: Don Loper

Labels & designers - March 8, 2016

For a serious Hollywood designer, there is a surprising dearth of information about Don Loper. A lot of people know¬†he…

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Wedding season: what to wear?

Every fall since I turned 30, I’ve noticed that September begins a string of nuptial celebrations that lasts until November.…

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Samuel Winston v. Charles James Services, Inc.

Labels & designers - May 1, 2015

(Just as a brief disclaimer, this post assumes some basic knowledge about Charles James. If you’re not familiar, this is…

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Estate find: Edmund Kara for Athena (?)

Labels & designers - July 5, 2014

Y’all. At the very same estate sale at which I found my colossal pants, I also found this amazing 1950s…

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